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  • Monday, February 11, 2019 4:08 AM | Tone Gilje

    Dear all, 

    I am delighted to inform you that Helene Rein has  started to do work for us on the website, adding new events and teachers to the website to begin with.

    When you have questions or problems with anything relating to this please send  mail to Helene Rein:

    Winter greetings

    from snowy Norway,


  • Tuesday, February 05, 2019 11:05 AM | Bonnie Gintis

    Hi dear colleagues, I was perusing my mailing list today before sending out an email blitz (I use Constant Contact) about my 2 workshops this year (Kripalu & Omega) and noticed that many CTA members are not on my list. Let's support each other by signing up for each other's mailing lists. I love to know what you all are doing and it helps me refer people to your classes and workshops. Many of you haven't yet taken advantage of the CTA website Calendar. I urge you all to post things there. I have already gotten many inquiries and sign-ups from people who saw my workshop posted there. Let's associate with each other! 

  • Monday, February 04, 2019 3:46 PM | Bonnie Gintis

    Guidelines for CTA Blog Posts

    The CTA blog is off to a great start. Google statistics show that many people are visiting our site and reading the blogs. Please suggest them to your students and loved ones who want to know more about Continuum.

    Here are some guidelines to help you write the most effective blog posts that will fit into the format on the CTA website.

    A blog post is short and sweet, shorter than an article. It is most effective if it covers only 1, 2, or 3 points. Video and audio material, as well as longer articles will go in the Media Library (which will be up and running in a future phase of our site expansion). The blog is strictly for short written material.

    Blog posts will be limited to 800 words on the CTA website. Limiting it to 500 words would be even better. Unfortunately, too many online readers have short attention spans and don't want to read long articles. We want to you to describe what’s important and exciting, explain key concepts, or describe experiences about Continuum. We want to spark people’s curiosity and motivate them to sign up for a class or workshop.

    If any non-English-speaking teachers want to write something, but are concerned about their English, here are 2 options:

    1. I will publish it in your native language. Everything does not have to be in English!

    2. I would be happy to edit it if you need help with your English.

    We want to represent as many of us as possible!

    Come up with a catchy title and a 1-2 line introduction. Compelling titles and introductions make readers want to read your post right away. Recent studies show that 80% of people will read a headline, but only 20% will read the rest.

    People tend to read blog posts that have good photos. If you don’t have a high-resolution photo that is horizontally oriented of your own that is greater than 1 MB, I will give you a choice of several options.  Look at the blog page ( ) for examples of the types of photos that work.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) and Keywords:

    Imagine which words people might use to search for your blog post and be sure to put them in the first and last sentence of your post.This will give us more hits when people google common Continuum terms. For Continuum, these words might include: Continuum, fluid, fluidity, movement, breath, open attention, sound, vibration, awareness, inquiry, curiosity, exploration, sensation, health, healing, kinesthetic, perception, biomorphic, body, embodiment, creativity, or they might be different for your topic.

    Our blog format will allow you to link to other sites within your blog. For example, if you are writing about Continuum and the arts, and you want to link to Watermark Arts, be sure to include the URL website address of where you want to link ( when you submit your blog post.

    You can submit a post that you have posted on facebook or another website, but it would be best to change it up so that when people link to your website they don’t see the same exact thing. A little change is enough to create novelty.

    Please submit all posts to Bonnie Gintis. She may suggest some edits. When the final product is ready, it will get posted to the CTA blog page.

    Here are some suggestions for topics:

    Undulant Intelligence

    The Creativity Of Our Fluid Body

    Continuum Informs Life From The Inside Out

    Why Continuum Folks Dive Instead Of Do Exercises

    Moving Inquiry Increases Possibilities

    Jungle Gym Brings Continuum Sensibility To Your Workouts

    Sound Is The Vibration Of Breath

    Don’t Eat The Menu: Clarifying The Map & The Territory

    The Body Is A Creative Event

    Curiosity & Pleasure Nurture

    Silent Felt Experience Is The Great Frontier For Exploration

    Contact if you have questions.

  • Monday, January 14, 2019 12:30 PM | Bonnie Gintis

    Hi everyone,

    I am so sad to have missed 7 Oaks...but I am on a writing retreat in Val David, Quebec and writing up a storm.  

    I posted a new blog by Sabine today. Please read them all and comment or at least "thumb-up" them. Suggest them to your students. They are bite-sized morsels of Continuum wisdom.

    If you haven't considered it yet, consider writing one and sending it to me. I am happy to print some in your native language, if it is not easy to write in English.  And I am happy to do a little editing. (See a previous news item for guidelines of how to write a blog entry.) 

    You could also share a blog entry on social media, or print one out for your students. 

    Spread the word!!

    much love, 


  • Monday, January 14, 2019 12:33 AM | Communications Coordinators (Administrator)

    Anyone with pictures from this past week at Sevenoaks to share, please add to the Social Forum! 

  • Monday, January 14, 2019 12:28 AM | Communications Coordinators (Administrator)

    Click here to download and print!

    Sevenoaks 2019 Report.pdf

  • Saturday, January 12, 2019 5:12 PM | Val Leoffler

    Laurence Frette writes:
    In 2006, I had the great pleasure of meeting Emilie in Denmark, and I immediately felt at home. I feel privileged to share her work; to explore the unknown through movements, sounds, waves and inquiries. Besides Continuum, I teach somatic movement classes based on Fascial Flow and Rolfing and am a CranioSacral therapist, where I incorporate Continuum into my treatments. My practice is in Denmark. - +45 29468412-

  • Friday, January 11, 2019 7:28 AM | Communications Coordinators (Administrator)

    14 teachers have gathered in Virginia at the beautiful Sevenoaks retreat center for our 4th annual January CTA Meeting & Retreat. The Field is incredibly mature, deep and potent with all of you who are here with us in heart, mind and spirit!

    Our most important task was to welcome the first 5 (of our 8) new Members with a candlelight ritual on Monday, January 7: (left to right) Mark Bryant, Lauren Wadsworth, Laura Lawton, Chitra Gigaque & Erin Hawkins

    More News to come from this rich time together after we emerge out of our Silent Depths!

  • Tuesday, January 01, 2019 12:00 AM | Batyah Schachter

    Dear Friends, 

    This worldwide initiative is created by Shelley Ostroff, and friend who has also been in all the Continuum events with Emilie in Israel. She contacted me recently to inform me of this 7 days of rest, initiative that is happening for the second time. It was present in 60 countries last year, and is continuing in 2019 again. The first week of January. She asked me specifically to share it with the Continuum Teachers Community - so that anyone who is inspired can take part in it in their own community and their own way. I find it a moving, inspiring and very timely initiative, and warmly support it.

    Here are the details. 

    With much love.




    JANUARY 1-7, 2019 






    The power of mass intention may ultimately be the force that shifts the tide toward repair and renewal of the planet.

    ~ Lynne McTaggart



    7 Days of Rest and Reflection is an annual global event inviting individuals and groups around the world to co-create a global field of rest, reflection and intention for the healing and replenishment of the Planet and all its Inhabitants.


    Together we will seed the New Year with a shared commitment to restore our sacred relationship with the Foundations of Life and with all of Creation.





    Each of us brings unique gifts to the collective healing process that is being called for at this critical time in our evolution. This event offers an open co-creative opportunity for renewing our sacred bond with the Foundations of Life - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Climate, Biodiversity and the entire Web of Life.


    Restoring the sacred relationship of the Feminine and Masculine, within us and beyond us, is vital for our ability to evolve in a way that protects and honours all Life. This meta-intention provides a potent healing membrane for the whole event.


    During the 7 days, people across the world will nurture spaces where we can meet these elements in new ways, shed any limiting ideas and habits we may have in relation to them, and discover anew their profound life-giving qualities.


    By cultivating reflective and loving communion with these primary forces of Life, we transform and heal ourselves, our lifestyles, our kinship and our culture.

    While we will hold the different elements and the relationships between them in our hearts and minds during the course of the week, we also offer a framework for dedicating each day to the following Foundations of Life.


    Day One: Earth

    Day Two: Water

    Day Three: Fire

    Day Four: Air

    Day Five: Climate

    Day Six: Biodiversity

    Day Seven: The Web of Life




    There are many ways to co-create this event. We invite you to consider if and how you would like to contribute to this sacred field of healing, rest and reflection - alone or by initiating/leading and/or participating in local or online events during these 7 days.


    We can honour these foundations of Creation through diverse frameworks and modalities including (but not limited to) ancient and modern traditions and disciplines, meditation, prayer, nature walks, sacred ceremony, mind-body practices, art, sound, journalling, communing with other species, webinars, workshops and non-violent activism.


    As we prepare the ground for this event, we may begin to sense into how the different elements exist within us and beyond us, their unique nature and qualities, and their interdependence and relationship with the other elements.


    What do they reveal to us when we listen in and offer them our loving attention?


    What can we learn from different forms of reflective engagement about how we can best protect and replenish these elements, nourish them and be nourished by them? 


    As in last year’s event, the 7 Days of Rest web-platform and social media threads will provide suggestions and resources for each day, as well as create a virtual space for participant-led initiatives to self-organise and share their offerings locally and globally.


    On our website we will share links and a world map to different activities taking place around the world, as well as a library of wisdom resources for inspiration for these days, with links to the events and the websites of partnering communities.


    SIGN UP NOW FOR 2019


    To join 7 Days of Rest & Reflection 2019, please sign up as an individual and/or as a communityYou can also sign up to initiate /lead local or online events during these 7 days.


    Please also join our Facebook event and follow us on our Facebook page


    We look forward to hearing from you and co-creating together!


    With blessings,


    Shelley, Yan and Lidewij

    7 Days of Rest Team





    Link to website 

  • Wednesday, December 26, 2018 11:16 AM | Val Leoffler

    We welcome Lauren Wadsworth! She writes:

    I have had a private practice as a manual therapist since 1980, and began teaching somatic movement classes and private lessons in 1985.  My early teaching was primarily sourced from the Alexander Technique, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and BodyMind Centering.  I fell in love with Continuum in 2000, and with Emilie’s permission began to share this work (with a different name) in my community in the early 2000’s.  I primarily teach in my office in downtown  Lewisburg WV, and also have taught workshops in Harrisonburg, VA and Washington D.C. 304-667-2195

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